If you know for a fact that what’s best in life, be it your favorite dish or the perfect sunset, is way more enjoyable if you share it with the ones you love, if you always surround yourself with beauty and harmony, both natural and manmade, for you feel that this helps becoming a better version of you.

If so, I’m so glad that we found each other! My name is Irene and, together, we will provide all of the love and the care that your exquisite, joy infused destination wedding celebration deserves! My focus actually is not pulling off a pretty wedding, but to make the human wow factor come to life, thoroughly celebrating you and your guests through beauty, conviviality and communion.

Though I am delighted to reach you everywhere, to make your laidback, utterly stylish La Dolce Vita wedding come to life, it is true that, coming over to delve into the Italian brightness, richness and complexity, indeed is a gorgeous way to get the full package and offer yourself and your loved ones a fabulous experience. Virtually endless destination wedding bliss options wait for you here, regardless the kind of celebration you are after: be it religious (any religion!), cultural (any culture!), civil, symbolic or same-sex, your ceremony will be taken care of with the same excitement, dedication and respect.

But where, where to finally say “I do”? From the Italian Riviera to the Amalfi Coast, from Apulia to Sicily, Italy does offer a very diverse range of heavenly locations. Swooning over a glamorous, retro celebration? Then an aristocratic lake Como villa or an opulent Venetian palazzo will exceed all your expectations . In love with the timeless rustic style? Not only a Tuscan farmhouse, but also a charmingly dilapidated Umbrian castle, a former monastery among the hilly Langhe area, they all provide the most incredible settings for a lush, heartwarming event. Looking for something very special, very far from the beaten path, very personal? From the tiniest, rawest island nestled in the deepest blue sea, to a remote fortified medieval village hidden in one of the most beautiful Italian natural parks, we are ready to amaze, inspire and delight you.