Oct 25, 2015


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written by Irene

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Second half of my thank yous round, for there’s a bunch of awesome people I still have to acknowledge for their invaluable help, to begin with the staff of villa del Grumello (www.villadelgrumello.com), the place where the pictures were taken. Lake Como is packed with outstanding venues, what makes this one very close to La Dolce Vita Events aesthetic is the clean, modern flair that comes from its stylish chandeliers and white interior. It let its period features, not to mention the jaw dropping views and fairytale park that surround it, stand out even more and, considering that Cristina and the whole staff are incredibly kind and collaborative, it is no wonder that I chose this place for my shooting!

You know, having tons of ideas and plans is a wonderful thing, but then you need a professional to come by and translate it in actual, tangible things. I was blessed to meet Louise from The Autumn Rabbit (www.theautumnrabbit.com), who patiently listened to all my deliriums and came up with a lovely logo and an overall spot on custom branding, as well as Federica from Fii Design (www.fiidesign.it), who built this very spectacular website, so thank you so much girls, you rock!


Last, let me tell you about my panel, the dearest friends that a human soul can ask for who submitted themselves to never ending sessions of logo studying, colors choosing and pictures picking: you are my heroes and make my life so much more fun! So, Tiziana, Elisa, Alanis, Mario, Paolo, Grazia, Sonia, Davide, Tamara, Nic, Tatiana, Lucy: high five guys! And a much deserved special mention for Carlo, you know why..

my heroes

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