Oct 23, 2015


Dear brides and grooms, welcome to my place!

I cannot even start to tell you how excited I am to have you here 🙂 Opening my own wedding planning agency and my own website has been an adventure, a thrilling, challenging experience and the best thing is that this is but the beginning, as the real journey has just begun!

Although the responsibility of making choices on how best to present myself and my work ethic is totally mine, I am very aware that I couldn’t have made it through without the help of a bunch of awesome people that patiently listened to me, gave me precious suggestions, jumped on board with me and ultimately made it happen!

So, first of all let me thank Stefano, my hubby: he’s my ace in the hole, my partner in crime, the epitome of the man for all seasons, together we can do it!

Stefano, my hubby

As a wedding planner, I very well know that all my hard work virtually does not exist, unless a great photographer captures it and make it shine; this case makes no exception, so thank you Rita Vita Finzi for the clean, bright and a bit whimsical pictures. You are a true artist and an awesome human being.


There are so many people that actively contributed to the making of this website, for today the last one I want to thank is Massimo, co owner of Figli dei Fiori (www.figlideifiori.com) and his whole staff: they manage to do the impossible, that is combining a very refined taste and amazing craftsmanship with a good deal of pragmatism, reliability and flexibility: talk about the best possible vendor to match with!

Thank you so much to all of you, already looking forward to the next adventure to share 🙂


written by Irene

Human, being and wedding maniac loving décor, animals, food, travelling, life!

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