Oct 10, 2017

Event décor inspiration: the timeless My Fair Lady mood

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written by Irene

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When it comes to the wedding (or the bridal shower) décor, brides now a days are spoilt by choice, with all the dedicated blogs, Pinterest, not to mention the wedding magazines out there; yet, as they say, too much information seriously risks to become no information at all, meaning that you can really lose your true self among the gazillions of pictures on the internet, or, even worse, you could fall into the mayor trap, that is conforming your big day to the current trends and, therefore, ending up with a photocopy event: sooo sad!

Part of my fabulous job is showing couples how easy and fun is to find alternative sources for an elegant, personal, unique wedding, and movies for sure are one of them. My hubby is a HUGE movie lover, he has seen nearly every flick from the black & white era onward, so, when it came out that he didn’t know “My Fair Lady”, I could not believe the chance I was given. We waited for a quiet Friday night and off we went, I was dead sure that it would have been a home run and I was right! Watching it once again, apart from the unbearable charm of the whole story, as well as of the actors, I was utterly stunned by the virtually limitless chances to find valuable hints to create elegant events; here below some examples:

my fair lady updo

How regal and classy is this updo? Moreover, consider that it significantly helps to elongate the body, providing those all important extra inches we all strive to get. Finally, please keep in mind that, being an inspiration, you don’t have to take it literally; the same sense of sophistication can be conveyed either with a simpler style

classic updo

or with a bolder, more modern hairdo.

modern glam updo

Another great element can you can translate in your wedding, is no doubt the breathtaking gowns that Eliza wears at the ball

my fair lady ball gown

You can get both the stylish cleavage that broadens the shoulders

Elie Saab My Fair Lady inspired gown

and the bling, for a sensual, yet refined, bridal look.

Zuhair Murad My Fair Lady inspired gown

Talking about dresses! In this great film there is wardrobe gorgeousness galore, which speaks volumes of the costumer’s craftsmanship.

My Fair Lady the Ascot race

Cecil Beaton created the most amazing set of dresses, suits and accessories ever seen on screen, thus offering brides to be tons of valuable hints to achieve an utterly chic wedding party.


MFL inspiration

In conclusion, please bear in mind that there are many further ways to let the mood of this awesome movie permeate the décor of your event, just let your imagination run free!