Nov 17, 2015

Lake Como weddings: what else?

I guess you all came across one of the commercials by a bespoke company that aims at selling the idea that its coffee is delicious, hot, silky.. and Italian. whilst it’s Swiss. Yeah, I mean THAT one. Let’s face it girls, they know their job, and I’m not talking about coffee (I will never understand the global frenzy about that stinky slop unpleasant beverage, but this is another story worth another post); what they do is pure genius, for, picking an utterly fascinating cinema icon and the most glamorous Italian location, aka lake Como, they have created the ultimate illusion: drink our coffee and you’ll be catapulted to live the life of the happy few in the most exclusive Italian location!


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Well, I cannot be called to give evidence on that (did I mention that I don’t drink coffee?), but my educated guess is that it doesn’t really really work like that; I mean, if, on your way to work, you stop by at that cafeteria on the W 57th, you and I both know that, sipping a cup won’t magically lead you anywhere, not even to your desk, let alone to the amazing lake Como shores.

villa erba

That’s where I make my entrance, that’s what La Dolce Vita Events is all about, it delivers that dream, that mood, and you can even get that exact venue! A grand façade conveniently lit during the night, stylish garden furniture scattered across the beautiful garden facing the lake, amazing frescoed interiors, ancient mirrors, imposing chandeliers, literally everything you could ever whish for the most glamorous Italian wedding, very La Dolce Vita way.


Oh! Before I forget it, please be sure that the delicious, refined reception will include an exquisite coffee, served to you on the terrace facing the lake; a lake Como wedding? What else!

written by Irene

Human, being and wedding maniac loving décor, animals, food, travelling, life!

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