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Same-Sex Weddings

As I wrote somewhere else, here at La Dolce Vita events, Love has all the colours of the world and accepts no boundary: be it religious (any religion!), cultural (any culture!), civil, symbolic or same-sex.
Me and my team, we passionately believe in embodying in our work your mutual love and your desire to build a lifetime together to that very someone, no matter who they are.

This said, it is nonetheless true that I have a soft spot for all those who still nowadays fight to get recognized basic human rights, such as the right to marry the person you love, regardless of their gender, that’s why I was absolutely delighted when, back in May 2016, the Italian government finally passed a law authorizing “civil unions”, that is a form of same-sex marriage.
It was a first for Italy and maybe you can imagine how difficult it is to introduce certain changes in a Country that, for the better and sometimes for the worst, is deeply tied to the tradition. Since then, more than 2800 couples have been taking advantage of this option, giving life to moving, eccentric, sometimes exhilarating ceremonies.

Take for instance Gian Mario and Riccardo: here below you can see one of the sweet and hilarious videos through which their wedding was immortalized last June; of all the same sex couples that have been taking the chance of saying “I do”, they have deserved it the most, for they played an important role in the social and cultural movement that ultimately resulted into the long awaited for law; back in 2011, Gian Mario and Riccardo started a long legal procedure that, over 4 years, lead them to the European Court of Human Rights, which declared that the Italian government had to put an end to the discrimination that has been affecting same sex couples and let them marry legally. Unfortunately the win was not complete; the law does not simply widen the right to get married to all couples but creates a different kind of tie, which does not include the possibility to adopt children, in a way continuing the discrimination, but a huge first step in the right direction has been taken, and, to a certain extent, we do owe it to Gian Mario and Riccardo.

So, friends of every color, origin, religious belief and sexual preferences, let’s celebrate!

Let’s make the most out of this moment, let’s put all our heart and soul into the creation of your big Italian day; it will be unforgettable and glorious, it will be full of all that you are and love, it will be beautiful, just as you are.