Dec 11, 2015

The 2016 Pantone colors are out!

And so there we are, this year as well Pantone has revealed the colors of the incoming year; yes, colors, for in this case we have 2 of them, Rose Quartz and Serenity.

PANTONE-15-3919-Serenity     PANTONE-13-1520-Rose-Quartz






Rose Quartz, though being lovely, is a bit “tired” from the wedding décor point of view, so let’s focus on the gorgeous fabulous and incredibly versatile Serenity, or dusty blue, as I call it. On its own already it is adds depth and whim to any set up, as this picture shows:

serenity orchid

Now, look how it transforms, when paired with other colors:

2016 Pantone color, serenity and white

With white, for a romantic and timeless look

board azzurro e rosa

With blush, or rose quartz as we should call it for 2016, for the epitome of the shabby chic style

2016 Pantone color serenity and fuchsia

With fuchsia, for a vibrant, powerful look

2016 Pantone color Serenity and green

Finally, check this out! What a strikingly modern and fresh mood you get, just putting dusty blue and acid green together!

Now it’s up to you brides, which is the perfect match for your perfect day?






written by Irene

Human, being and wedding maniac loving décor, animals, food, travelling, life!

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