Jan 14, 2016

The most wonderful time of the year

Yep girls, here we are at last, the most wonderful time of the year has arrived! I know I know, Christmas is gone, and so is New Year’s Eve, so what am I talking about? But the engagement season!! As you know by experience and recent studies confirmed, over the Christmas holidays the “Would you marry me?” line is being acted times and times again, kicking off one of the most exciting, moving, freaking awesome period in a couple’s life: the engagement!

And now what? Here below the 5 commandments to religiously follow:



First: ENJOY!

Yes, do take the time to thoroughly enjoy this once in a lifetime moment; hopefully he will have thought to involve a great photographer to capture the down-on-his-knee moment, if not, you will still have the possibility to get an engagement shoot, which I very much recommend. It may or may not be carefully choreographed, staged up on a mountain top or astride the back of a unicorn, what it unfailingly must do is speak of you and portray the utter bliss that you are experiencing. Those pics will be an invaluable memory, a treasure that you’ll enjoy for all the years to come.

newly engaged



Before the all important FB status update, please make use of the old fashioned communication technology and call all those who are closest to your heart. They will be ecstatic to get the news from your own voice instead of reading about it almost by accident between a cat video and a miraculous after Christmas diet. Fact is, in my no so humble after all opinion, life is all about piling up awesome moments and, therefore, making heartwarming memories; that’s precisely what those phone calls will be: great moments and, in the long run, even greater memories to share and rejoice.

giving the news



A true journal I mean, not a fancy wedding planning organizer, which no doubt is a great tool, but by now you should have got it: I am hopelessly sentimental an thoroughly convinced that before planning comes feeling, so go to the sleekest shop (or online shop, although I am convinced that, under certain circumstances, the old ways are far better than the new ones I am no extremist), choose the most fabulous notebook with an amazing cover and the thickest, most luxurious paper you could ever imagine, not to mention the most elegant and comfortable pen and turn them into your daily companions. Use them to record every feeling, every totally insane idea, to collect every inspiring image and flower that your fiancé will offer you. Once again, besides being very useful, the journal will soon become a precious gem, to cautiously keep and share with your loved ones.

wedding journal


Fourth: DREAM!

Choose a charming, tiny hotel buried under 6 feet of snow, ask for the room with the four poster bed and the fireplace and book it for a week end; spend your time dreaming big, letting your imagination run wild and put everything down on your journal. That will be your primary source of inspiration!




Now that you have well and truly dig into your souls and have a road map concerning  your inner desires, thus having significantly reduced the risk of getting lost in the mare magnum of the wedding related paraphernalia, it’s the right time to take action and start the actual planning process. Now it’s the time to decide a year and a season, whilst if I were you I’d try to keep a certain degree of flexibility concerning the actual date, for it could be essential in order to secure you the perfect venue. Next, browse the wedding blogs, you will find tons of them, devote a bit of time to study them, to find those who portray the exact style that you are after, then focus on them and look for inspiration and vendors to turn such inspiration into reality, first and foremost the wedding planner, of course!

Last step: should your hearts patter for a chic, laid back, effortless La Dolce Vita style wedding, either in Italy or elsewhere, give me a shout, I simply can’t wait!

Irene, the Italian destination wedding maniac


written by Irene

Human, being and wedding maniac loving décor, animals, food, travelling, life!

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