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There’s a reason Italians call Puglia “le Puglie”, in the plural; from the Gargano promontory, a sort of miniature, less crowded Amalfi at the northern limit, to the baroque city of Lecce, known as the Florence of the South, to the southernmost Santa Maria di Leuca, which is lapped by a Caribbean-like sea, to the inland, with its vineyards, olive groves and fairy-tale landscape, populated by tens of thousands of “trulli”, cone-shaped dwellings unique to this region, Apulia is vast and various.

Thanks as well to many celebs who recently chose this region for their holidays or, even, their wedding location, Apulia is having its day, exalted as one of Italy’s undiscovered gems; in reality, since the ancient times, it has been home to most of the richest civilizations which have made of this blessed region a unique, cosmopolitan, attractive and welcoming blending of cultures.
Simple, back-to-nature living is all the rage now, the trick is that here you don’t really need to go back to it: the earthy, authentic peasant lifestyle hasn’t changed for centuries. The inland offers endless chances to experience it, and you will have the possibility to add to your stay as many touches of glamour and luxury as you wish, as the region currently disposes of a wide range of masseria, the traditional farm, from the basic and austere, yet charming, to the most lavish resorts that will surprise you with their understated, extremely refined elegance. All of them share the same main features, that is the clean lines of their architecture with the typical flat roof, a strict relationship with the surrounding land rich with olive trees and vineyards, and the beautiful courtyard, the heart of this kind of estate, which makes the most romantic setting for a rustic and warm wedding reception.

Of course this is not the only option that this territory offers: if you fancy something more formal, Apulia’s historic towns such as Lecce, Trani or Gallipoli are generous with outstanding baroque palazzo whose exuberant architecture will utterly seduce you, as well as your guests.

Finally, why on earth would you come all the way to Apulia not to take advantage of its spectacular coastline? The clearest sky that you’ll ever admire and a sea that gathers all possible shades of blue, together with picture perfect white, sandy beaches will provide the most fascinating backdrop for your barefoot sunset ceremony and the following candlelit, whimsical reception and party.

Irene, the wedding maniac, says that: this is no place for those who look for the manicured, picture perfect, glossy location. Apulia, in all its facets and even as far as the sleekest venues are concerned, remains utterly true to its history, row, earthy, stark at times. So, if you are more Armani than Valentino, more Prada than Versace, if you are keen to all that’s new and unexplored, if you love Salvador Dali’s atmospheres and shellfish, if you above all praise clean lines, pure colors and simple, refined elegance, then Apulia is where you belong.

Let’s talk money and keep it real: Apulia is 100% the place to go for the number of available venues and their outstanding quality creates a very competitive market, so that you can find great options in many price points. For a 50 guests’ event consider spending from 20 K euro to 3 or 4 times more, depending on the chosen area, venue and level of service that you require.   

Cover photo: Michele Ursino, Photo 1: Antonio Colucci, Photo 2 – 3: learmillerweddings.com