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Lake Como, Maggiore and Orta
Live the good life

Even if we usually speak of the lakes as a whole, lake Como, Maggiore and Orta, though being so close to one another, have very little little in common, thus offering travelers a stunning range of views, settings and atmospheres to enjoy.

To begin on a very high note, Lake Como is more than the sum of its celebrity interlopers, reclusive billionaires and their mistresses, it is also home to some of the most impressive scenery and food in Italy. There are many perspectives from which the lake can be admired: from the lake itself, cruising north to Menaggio and Bellagio, from the incredibly romantic via Regina vecchia, the old winding path that runs along the west shore offering enchanted views of many lovely villages such as Cernobbio and Laglio, and finally up from the mountains surrounding the lake, a real treat for the eyes. Over the centuries, the outstanding area’s natural beauty has been enhanced by the numerous, magnificent estates and botanical gardens that emperors, aristocrats and wealthy families have built along the lake’s coast. Today, thanks to the unusual collection of utterly chic venues that characterizes it, the lake is among the most sought after settings for exclusive destination weddings and side events, for all sorts of entertainments -from a locally produced wine and cheese tasting to a sunset cruise with on board dinner, to a dance the night away beach bbq party- will benefit of the effortless glamour that the area exudes and that has made it famous worldwide.

Should you fancy a less flamboyant, subtler kind of elegance for your wedding location, then lake Maggiore will no doubt meet your requirements; nestled among Piedmont and Lombardy, it is framed in its lower section by the soft, lush hills of the “Novarese” region and in the upper section by high alpine peaks, some of which are covered by perennial snow. What makes it so special, besides the breathtaking setting, is the Borromean gulf, the lake arm extending from Verbania to Stresa which includes the marvellous Borromean Islands. Isola Borromea, Isola dei Pescatori and Isola Bella already in themselves are endowed with enough treasures and wonders to justify your coming over, even more so considering that civil ceremonies are regularly held on the Isola dei Pescatori, which means that your wedding day could be adorned by a boat trip to reach the ceremony venue, how crazy romantic! But there’s more in store for those who are so wise to choose this unusual location! Magnificent parks filled with rare, exotic plants and birds, secluded venues with direct access to the water, most of which still keep all the original art deco features (you know those beautiful stained glasses, or the detailed wood paneling), enchanted villages scattered along the lake coast, and pretty much the best food you can get in Italy: those are lake Maggiore’s pledges for a flawless, utterly subtle and chic destination wedding event.

Just west of lake Maggiore lies lake Orta, a narrow, incredibly romantic stretch of water, surrounded by some of the most imposing mountains such as the world famous Monte Rosa. The highlight of the whole location is Orta San Giulio, a magnificently preserved pedestrian medieval village placed on a panoramic promontory facing San Giulio island; its winding alleys, fabulous views and picturesque outdoor cafés and taverns, they all make a utterly charming setting for a quaint wedding event. Frescoed palazzo with lake view gardens will host your genuine yet elegant reception, and could you imagine anything more whimsical and unforgettable than a sunset private beach party for your welcome dinner or farewell brunch?

Irene, the wedding maniac, says that: chic, glamorous and a bit formal is how you envisage your wedding? Lake Como is the answer. You firmly believe that “The Great Gatsby” mood is the epitome of elegance? Then lake Maggiore will blow you away. Dreaming of a cozy, simple yet incredibly romantic event? Lake Orta will make you feel as you stepped back in ancient times.

Let’s talk money and keep it real: what is really nice about the lakes’ area is that it is possible to find a solution for every price point, still staying true to the reason why couples go for this specific neck of the wood, that is the unique elegant, a bit rétro and glamorous flair that it exudes. A 50 guests’ wedding day will cost you from around 23 K euro on lake Orta, from 27 K euro on lake Maggiore and from 30 K euro on lake Como. Food for thought, isn’t it?

Photo 1: Michele Ursino, Photo 2: Michele Ursino , Photo 3: Gian Luca Ponti