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What I do for you

First and foremost, I hold your hand from day one, until the last note of the last song of the last party of your wedding celebration.

I listen to everything you say and I try to sense what you withhold, to grasp your true desires and infuse them in every detail of your wedding.

All my years long expertise with locations, venues, vendors, not to mention the inborn passion for everything related to the celebration of the deepest human bounds, are at your service.

Together, we dream big but we as well keep it real, meaning that the budget is always under control.

So, this is the deal:

You put your amazing personalities, stories, dreams & whims

I translate them in the perfect location, the best venues, the most amazing suppliers and the spot on creative project that will instill all that you are and love in every detail of the wedding event: sounds spectacular, doesn’t it?


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Want to know more about me? Here are my do’s and don’ts.

  • Love has all the colours of the world and accepts no boundary: be it religious (any religion!), cultural (any culture!), civil, symbolic or same-sex, your wedding will be taken care of with the same excitement, dedication and respect.
  • I adore conviviality: what is better than eating, drinking, celebrating and experiencing beauty together with the ones you love?
  • I firmly believe in sharing, the best way to receive and to enrich ourselves.
  • Paganini non ripete, i.e. I don’t go for seconds: in the wedding industry trends do exist and, as a professional, I have to know what’s hot out there, but then, the focus is not fashion – it’s YOU. You’re unique, your couple cannot be duplicated, nor can the event that will speak of you every step of the way.
  • Yes, I am scared of big, overwhelming tasks, but I try to let fear fuel me, not stop me!
  • I always keep in mind that, as Thomas Edison puts it, genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.
  • Creativity only comes from within; no matter how busy I am, I do try to find the time to cultivate my passions for literature, travelling, sport, arts, cuisine – in short, life! That’s the only way to keep the inspiration alive, and to constantly become a better version of me!







Still curious? Here’s something more about my story.

My mother often tells that, when as a child I used to get lost during our family Saturday afternoon stroll, she unfailingly knew where to find me, i.e. with my nose stuck onto the nearby bridal atelier’s shop window!

This passion has accompanied me through my whole life, making me spend tons of money on fabulous bridal magazines (it was the before the Pinterest age, you know…), while I developed a career as export area manager in the Italian design tile industry, which enabled me both to keep broadening my world, dealing with many different mindsets and habits, and to be part of the exciting world of the interior design, that has always made up for the other 50% of my newsstand purchases.

In 2011, all these lifelong passions collided into the perfect job for a newlywed that didn’t feel like rushing through Europe any longer, and so I devoted myself to become a wedding planner: first learning all the job’s secrets at one of the finest Italian destination w.p agencies, then founding La Dolce Vita Events; since then I haven’t stopped doing what I love: accompanying fabulous cosmopolite couples through the making of their gorg Italian lifestyle infused wedding, very La Dolce Vita style, and enjoying every last bit of it!


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