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Your wedding to me is personal!


Each couple is fabulous in their own way, so every time I study a tailored project according to the clients’ requirements: should it be a romantic elopement in Venice, an intimate Tuscan family affair or a formal event featuring several receptions on lake Como, I will be delighted to team up to shape the laid back, effortless, utterly charming Italy infused affair you are after, La Dolce Vita style!

Generally speaking, this is how it works: the first email contact will be followed by a looong chat, during which I will ask you all sorts of questions, according to a client consultation form that I’ve been carefully editing during my whole career; it is an invaluable tool, for it enables me to really grasp the essence of your history, your dreams and expectations. In this way, together we will be able to take the first giant step, that is identifying the right location for your fabulous event; this is crucial, for although being a small Country, Italy does offer a rich selection of diverse backdrops.
Longing for a seaside wedding? Our task will be to point out if the place to be for you and your gorgeous guests would be the Italian Riviera, the Amalfi Coast, Apulia or, rather, Sicily. Swooning for a glamorous, retro celebration? Then the choice will be among lake Como, Maggiore, Orta or Venice. In love with the timeless rustic style? In this case as well you will be spoilt for choice, for not only Tuscany, but also Umbria, the Langhe area and the countryside around the amazingly beautiful town of Verona, they all provide the most incredible settings for a lush, heartwarming event.

This said, it is of course true that different events demand different and totally personalized levels of assistance, so, to help you figure out what you can get from me, here below there’s a list of the most popular kind of packages.

Enjoy your reading and don’t hesitate to contact me to get your very own detailed, specific, complete, awesome custom proposal!