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Amalfi Coast
Back to the Sixties!

To begin at the beginning: please do rent a car! Preferably a vintage Alfa Romeo Duetto, but any convertible will do. It is for sure the best way to experience Italy’s most spectacular coastal scenery: from Salerno, the main southern gateway to the coast, strike west to Vietri sul Mare, a small town famous for its ceramics and the start point of the panoramic road proper. From here the road narrows, the curves become tighter, and the views become ever more dramatic, as the gems of this area start to enfold. Amalfi, the coast’s main hub, with its landmark Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea, then Ravello in the hills above, offering heady panoramas from the town’s lush gardens. Next, Positano, a chic, near-vertical town where colorful, steeply-stacked houses cascade down the precipitous hillsides and beyond Sorrento, a lively tourist hotspot overlooked by the dark, brooding bulk of Mt. Vesuvius. Oh, and make sure not to forget Ischia, Capri and Procida, the three mesmerizing vulcanic islands which adorn the bay of Naples, boasting fabulous spa, secret beaches, picturesque villages and spectacular sea stacks.

In such a rich and variegated location, the choice of wedding venues is just as ample; having been looking after visitors for centuries, the Amalfi coast knows how to welcome guests and make their big day a truly unforgettable one, either in a historic 5 stars hotel, in a picturesque private mansion, or even in a rowing club located right on the beach. Here, you will have the possibility to say “I do” in the breathtaking villa that hosted Greta Garbo and her lover, as they tried to escape the world to live their romance, or, if you prefer, you can hold your wedding aperitivi on the panoramic terrace where Romi Schneider acted the part of Princess Sissi, or, yet again, you can retrace the steps of the iconic Jackie O’, as she spent many holidays between Ravello and Capri luxury hotels, thus contributing to the area’s sophisticated glamour. In a heartbeat, this enchanting location will bring you back to the era of Vespa and ponytails, when life was slow, smart, and sweet. Plunged in this suspended atmosphere, try to imagine an afternoon ceremony in a medieval cloister, a long, lazy aperitivo buffet on a terrace overlooking the sea at sunset, an alfresco candlelit reception and, finally, a poolside dance party: it doesn’t get better than this!

Irene, the wedding maniac, says that: this is no place for those who look for the manicured, picture perfect, glossy location. Apulia, in all its facets and even as far as the sleekest venues are concerned, remains utterly true to its history, row, earthy, stark at times. So, if you are more Armani than Valentino, more Prada than Versace, if you are keen to all that’s new and unexplored, if you love Salvador Dali’s atmospheres and shellfish, if you above all praise clean lines, pure colors and simple, refined elegance, then Apulia is where you belong.

Let’s talk money and keep it real: Apulia is 100% the place to go for the number of available venues and their outstanding quality creates a very competitive market, so that you can find great options in many price points. For a 50 guests’ event consider spending from 20 K euro to 3 or 4 times more, depending on the chosen area, venue and level of service that you require.   



Cover photo: Giuseppe Milo, Photo 1: Stefano Corni, Photo 2: Mattlien.com , Photo 3: Francesca S.