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Kind words

Teri, mother of the bride

June 14th – 16th 2019, Asciano (Tuscany)

Hi Irene, Mike and I have finally settled in and I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the beautiful wedding, creating memories to treasure, and all of your hard work. God’s blessings!


Christine and Peter

May 24th – 26th 2019, Val d’Orcia (Tuscany)

Dear Irene, a humongous thank you for all your help and guidance preparing and executing our wedding day. We could not have done it without you and truly appreciated your dedication and hard work! We will forever cherish the wonderful memories of our time with you.


Mallory and Nathan

October 6th 2018, Florence

Irene puts everything into making your wedding perfect. She’s creative; she’s tireless; she’s the person that you need in your corner.  We cannot thank her enough — or recommend her more highly.

Irene is part planner, part family, part friend, and part wizard. there’s no other way to explain the magic that she works.

Planning a wedding on the other side of the world should have been stressful and scary, but Irene made the process easy, light, and fun.

She also went above and beyond for our families and all of our guests — so much so that when our guests arrived in Italy, one of the first things that they said was how excited they were to meet Irene.  We completely understood.  She’s the best!


Gosia and Jerry

September 12th – 14th 2018, Santa Caterina (Apulia)

My heart will always have a special place in it for you.    Having you on my side, front, and back during this time in Italy is worth more then any review I could possibly give you.    From our first conversation on Skype to the day you departed our villa in Puglia, leaving  me choked up and teary eyed, I have been blessed by your presence.

I never knew how stressful it was going to be leading up to our destination wedding.  Making sure guests had plane tickets coordinated.  Was the villa going to be everything we dreamed of?  Will the weather cooperate?  Is the food and wine going to knock our guests socks off?   It’s a huge leap of faith looking back on it now.   Had I known then, what I do now, I would laugh at my anxiety and concerns.  This is because of you.   You handled everything absolutely perfectly.  You are the perfect professional and at the same time a hostess with a charm that made me want to send a few of my guests home and have you take their place.  That’s what you are able to do…

I constantly day dream about our Pizza night wedding rehearsal dinner by the pool.   The wonderful Champagne and Apertitivo before dinner in that gorgeous garden.. The lights and mood you set at the wedding dinner.  Its a dream and you made it come true.  I look forward to seeing you again and I do thank you.

Mark and Kenzie

May 31st– June 3rd 2018, Siena

Dear Irene, we miss you, but we are comforted knowing that we will see each other again.

Mark and I cannot stop talking about this weekend, every detail was excellently executed and we know we could not have done this without you. You and Stefano were able to keep all guests feeling welcome and to create a seamless stage for all magic happening.

We love you so much, thank you for the greatest weekend of our lives.

Caroline and David

May 23rd-26th 2018, Venice

Irene is not only the most amazing wedding planner but now a lifelong friend!

My husband and I got married in Mira, a gorgeous countryside town a few steps from Venice.  Irene coordinated every detail of the wedding week including a spontaneous trip to Venice for 30 people that she planned within hours of departure.
I had always heard of brides being so stressed out during their wedding but I felt like a princess all week thanks to Irene. The whole process was so enjoyable.

Irene understood my style and vision very quickly.  I wanted whimsical elegance and that is exactly the experience we had.  Every recommendation she made was exactly what I was looking for and we got to a point where I just approved every suggestion because I knew it would be perfect.
The vendors all provided 5 star service, the food was incredible and I was so relaxed by the time we left for our honeymoon.  She even followed up with us to make sure our honeymoon was going smoothly and provided travel recommendations!

Irene has the warmest heart, biggest smile and negotiates like no one else.  You can be sure she will make your wedding dreams come true!

Leanne and Lloyd

September 14th 2017, Florence

Hi Irene, we would both love to express our gratitude for all your help in organising our special day.

It really was amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you. The day itself ran so smoothly and all our guest had a lovely time.

Thanks again for everything you did for us.

Elishia and Matt

July 20th – 22nd 2017, Apulia

Elishia: Working with Irene was a fantastic experience. I felt like we got more than we paid for at every stage of the game from the amount of time Irene spent with us to the quality and quantity of the services provided to us by her and her recommended vendors.

I can honestly say that I could not have succeeded in planning and executing our wedding without her. She did all the heavy lifting and we collaborated regularly using pinterest to share ideas, google sheets to track status and share lists, as well as email or skype as needed.

Upon arrival at the venue there was very little for us to do, but enjoy our time there as Irene had already taken care of everything. Our entire wedding experience exceeded my wildest expectations and Irene played a central role in making that our reality.

Matt: Initially, the story with Irene starts when I convinced my now-wife that we should get married in Italy. Originally, I sought information from several sites but luckily one of those sites was the one ran by Irene.

From the first moment we spoke, I knew that she was going to be a great asset to planning a wedding abroad and also a great person to know in general. Irene was fantastic both from the time we first began talking and throughout the wedding process.

I’m sure I am not the only one who shares this opinion but I guess that goes to show more of the personality rather than the service so I’ll get to that part. Irene is INCREDIBLY KNOWLEDGABLE about the wedding planning process and how a wedding can effectively be planned for a foreigner in Italy.

We had chosen a somewhat remote area to get married and she had done a considerable amount of legwork to locate places based upon the criteria we had spoken about prior to our arrival. She was very knowledgeable about the manner of transportation from airports and train stations to locations and had a great grasp as to the business end of things when it comes to negotiating deals with venues and vendors.

The actual wedding planning process went smoothly even though we were 11 hours apart in time; my wife and I arrived at our wedding location a few days before the wedding to do some practice runs for the actual wedding and Irene was there to facilitate all that. She was there throughout the wedding weekend ensuring that everything went perfectly and I don’t think perfection adequately describes how well everything went.

Our wedding was unbelievable and we have Irene to thank for that. Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Irene to assist in planning your wedding ANYWHERE; even outside of Italy. I would also recommend her for taking care of your kids or dogs even though we didn’t have her do any of that but, trust me, she’s invited to our home whenever she wants to visit and I’d trust her with my life.


Zoe and Matt

January 8th 2017, Venice

Dearest Irene, we hope you are well. Matt and I just wanted to thank you again for the incredible work you did to create our most amazing wedding day.

It was more beautiful than we could have imagined. We feel our wedding was the best wedding possible. You went to so much trouble and you are so very generous.

I am extremely grateful for my flower bouquet you gave me especially now I have seen the photographs. Your effort will never be forgotten whenever we think of our wedding


Nelly and Mark

September 16th-20th 2015, Lake Como

I believe “wedding planner” is not the right definition sometimes. Irene is not a planner. She is an organizer, negotiator, and hand holder!

I was most impressed with her expertise at adapting to any situation and putting forth ideas that are creative, functional, and elegant. Irene spearheaded and organized a full four-day wedding weekend for 60 people, all folks who were traveling somewhere from the states, as well as a weekend trip a year out for site visits, catering appointments, even hair and makeup trials while we scouted locations.

When we ultimately chose Lake Como as our destination, we hit the ground running with regular email and Skype video chats to keep us posted on development and implementation. Being that the weather near the Swiss Alps and lake could be unpredictable, Irene knew to draw up Plan A-Z. She negotiated best rates with complete transparency on our behalf.

When I started to stress/cry, or realized I lost something, or generally needed support (all of which actually happened at some point in the four days), somehow Irene was there with a tissue, kind words, calming nature, with an “I am here for you” mantra that she actually meant without any hesitation. She even went out to replace the lost item in town for me! There’s no question how highly Irene comes recommended.

Ripsy and Francesco

October 11th 2014, Langhe

Dear Irene, huge thank you for organising our wedding, you are our hero!

We had an unforgettable time; we’ll forever have the warm and happy feelings of that. Thank you for your impeccable taste, attention to detail, making everything run smoothly on the day, not to mention all the hard work before and after; we’re still receiving compliments for our amazing wedding planner 🙂


Shari and Dave

August 25th 2014, Venice

The only way to describe our wedding planner and wedding day in summary is “perfection“.

Our wedding planner was professional, prompt, and flexible. She exceeded our every expectation, and was attentive to details we hadn’t even considered! From the moment we arrived at the hotel of her recommendation, we knew we were in for something special. Her exquisite management of every detail made our wedding day carefree, such that we were able to take advantage of every spontaneous opportunity for fun, which is what we love.

In the end, we have also made a very dear friend. Win win! Thank you Irene!


Ruth, mother of the bride

June 19th– 23rd 2014, Lake Como

I was daunted by the prospect of planning a wedding in Italy but Irene made it painless, enjoyable and perfect.

She patiently showed my daughter and son-in-law a dozen potential locations in the lake region, giving them appropriate information to help them in their selection of locale. When we began the actual planning process, she was knowledgeable, professional, responsive and wonderful to work with. Ours was a complicated affair, with six events over five days for 75 guests, yet Irene handled all of the details effortlessly.

During our two day site visit 7 months before the wedding, she arranged tastings with three caterers, visits to two florists and we saw several potential venues for some of the events. Her selection of vendors was superb, and her working relationship with them resulted in the best possible outcome for each service.

Much of the planning was done via e-mail, she was constantly available to us for the week before the wedding and handled any issue that arose with poise, grace and efficiency. Our guests came to love her as much as we do. Irene is tireless in pursuit of the perfect wedding experience for her clients, no detail is too small or unimportant, and no request too large for her exacting attention. I can’t imagine a better experience with a wedding planner and recommend her without reservation.


Julie and Mario

March 5th 2014, Venice

We decided to elope because we wanted our wedding to be something special and intimate; memories that only the two of us would share.

Irene knew exactly what we wanted and planned a wedding for us that was elegant and romantic. From exchanging our vows in Cafe Florian to the gondola ride after the ceremony, our Venice elopement was both magical and timeless.

Thank you Irene for making our wedding day so special, we were so pleased with everything that you did!!