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The laidback, effortlessly stylish La Dolce Vita flair can be brought to life virtually everywhere, yet it is true that, coming over to delve into the Italian brightness, richness and complexity, indeed is a gorgeous way to get the full package and offer yourself and your loved ones a fabulous experience.  But how many facets can such a small neck of the woods have? Actually many and it is essential that you find out which region best embodies your idea of wellbeing, in order to get the perfect wedding backdrop, La Dolce Vita way.

By the way, you might wonder what on earth has NYC to do with all this.. Well, that’s simple: NYC is the one place where the La Dolce Vita Events founder, aka I, feels at home and has the confidence to be able to bring that very sense of relaxed glamour that’s at the core of each great, awesome wedding, just like in Italy. So, please go ahead and browse in the Wanderlust section: it is conceived to provide with those useful hints to identify each area and make you start hopelessly craving.

Cover photo: Dennis Jarvis

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